Whitworth Town Council

Madeline De Souza - Mayor of Whitworth town Council

Councillor De Souza will be supported in the role by family - including her daughters Helen and Marianne, son-in-laws Daniel and Sam and her grandson Harry - all of whom will take turns in accompanying Councillor De Souza to engagements.  Councillor De Souza was elected as Mayor at Whitworth Town Council’s Annual General Meeting in May 2016 and will serve until May 2017.

The Mayor will attend functions and events within Whitworth and outside of the town’s boundary, and will chair Full Council meetings and be a figurehead for the town. 

At her election, Councillor De Souza made a speech, describing the role as an honour and thanking her family for their support .  The Mayor offered thanks to her fellow councillors and to the Town Clerk, and to Rev Father Frank Thorpe for agreeing to act as Mayoral Chaplain.

Madeline moved to Shawforth almost 30 years ago along with her husband, Mike, and two young daughters, Helen and Marianne. Mike, who sadly passed away in early 2014, and Madeline have always enjoyed being part of Whitworth life, even before she was elected to the Town Council she was a champion of the local community and participated in events, meetings and general day-to-day life in Whitworth.

Part of Madelines role of Mayor will involve raising much-needed funds for some of the wonderful groups and charities who do so much to make Whitworth the place it is. She will also be supporting Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis, a charity very close to Madeline's heart as Mike had this condition.

Councillor Alan Neal is Deputy Mayor; his role is to deputise for the Mayor during her year in office before taking on the chains himself in 2017, and he will also chair the Town Council’s General Purposes Committee meetings.

If you would like to contact the Mayor, her personal details are available on this website and in the Valley News magazine.  For further information or to invite the Mayor to an event, please contact Melanie Hearn, Town Clerk at Whitworth Town Council on 01706 852018 / email info@whitworth.gov.uk.

Pictured are Councillor Madeline De Souza, Mayor of Whitworth, with (left to right) daughter Marianne, grandson Harry and daughter Helen