Whitworth Town Council

Honorary Townsmen of Whitworth

Whitworth has bestowed the Honorary Townsman title on nine individuals since 1980.

The recipients have all been nominated for the award for their services to the Whitworth community. A Role of Honour can be found on display in the Council Chambers in the Whitworth Town Council offices at the Civic Hall (Riverside).

The nine Honorary Townsmen of Whitworth are:

1980 - Herr Oskar Bohm
1982 - Dr John Tierney
1985 - Mr Frank Walker
1995 - Mr Vincent Clegg
1995 - Mr Fred Lord
1996 - Mr Jack Wilkinson
1999 - Mr Terry Bolton
2008 - Mr James Grogan
2012 - Mr Tom Aldred

Pictured is Councillor Tom Aldred, the most recent recipient of the Honorary Townsman award.