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Christmas Tree

Whitworth Tourism and Leisure Committee are aiming to extend the Christmas lights offer across the length of the town by installing Christmas Trees, at a subsidised cost to properties around Whitworth.  To spread the festive cheer throughout the village, the Committee is hoping that you might consider displaying a Christmas tree on your property next year, which will provide Whitworth with a little more festive sparkle.  The Committee can offer the following:

A 3ft to 4ft real Christmas tree plus a set of mains-powered or battery festive lights, including installation and removal.  The cost of fuel and other materials has risen significantly this year and the cost of trees this year will be £50 per tree.  The tree would be taken away at the end of the festive season.

Trees would be installed the last two weeks in November, the contractor would need to arrange access for the mains cable to be fed into the house.  Brackets would be fitted, if required during July and August.  This is only open to Facit, Shawforth, Whitworth and Healey residents.

Please note that all brackets have been sold for this year.  If you do no have a bracket already, please be advised that you will need to purchase your own.  Please contact the town council office before ordering a tree if this is the case.


To order your tree, please add the number of trees you require in the 'book now'  box, click add to cart and checkout to pay for your tree.  After making payment please copy and paste the following text and email the details to us in reply to your order confirmation

I would like to order                        trees for a cost of £50 per tree.

I am the building owner and I give permission for the tree to be installed. 

I agree that following installation I am responsible for the maintenance and safe upkeep of my tree.

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Supply and fit one Christmas Tree
Date: Deadline: Sunday 15th October 2023
£ 50.00
Supply and fit two Christmas Trees
Date: Order until Sunday 15th October 2023
£ 84.00
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