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Annual Skyline Walk

2019 Whitworth Skyline entry form

2019 Skyline Information About the Walk

This is a challenging walk of approximately 14 miles over varied terrain, starting at Lobden Golf Club (OL12 8XJ) between 8am (no earlier) and 9am – your choice.  It is undertaken entirely at the walker’s own risk.  The organisers – Whitworth Sports Council – will provide you with written route instructions (and a map if you wish); and orange juice/water/plasters if required at every checkpoint; and vehicles may be available to remove you from the moor in the case of emergency.  There will also be a certificate and a hot meal available to you at the finish at Lobden Golf Club.

*It is the walker’s responsibility to wear appropriate clothing, carry appropriate kit and deal with their own litter. We suggest walking boots, though strong, properly tied, trainers will do if the weather is dry and has been for a while; spare socks; waterproofs, at least to carry, unless the day of the walk is guaranteed to be entirely dry; and at least one layer of clothing more than you expect, because it is generally cooler on the tops.  A phone is handy too; and some plasters and (optimistically) sun-cream.  14 miles may well take between 5 and 8 hours to walk, so we suggest you bring something to eat, although there will be a burger van at Britannia. Please take away or bin all your own wrappers, cans etc.  There will be plastic cups at checkpoints, but it will save waste and maybe litter if you bring your own re-usable drink container.

*There are 4 intermediate checkpoints, at (nominally) 2, 5, 8 and 11 miles.  All walkers MUST check in at each checkpoint, and if you should drop out at any of these intermediate checkpoints you MUST tell the marshal there and hand in your numbered tag.  Please do not drop out at any other point.  Two checkpoints are vehicle-accessible.  These are at 5 miles, on the car park at the Whitworth-Bacup boundary on the A671; and at 11 miles, when you’ve completed the length of Rooley Moor Road. The checkpoints at 2 miles (Middle Hill) and at 8 miles (the top of Rooley Moor Road) are at remote locations, with no vehicle access, and you should not plan to drop out there.

*A cut-off will operate at the Britannia checkpoint.  If you do not reach there (5 miles) by 11.45am you must drop out at that point.  While we appreciate that some people walk more slowly than others, the next section, to Rooley Moor Road, is a difficult one, and you can’t drop out there anyway; we feel you’d be putting yourself at risk, and stretching our organisational resources beyond what is sensible.

*This year you can sign up for the Eastern Skyline only i.e. just the first 5 miles of Skyline, from Lobden to Britannia.  Certificate and pie still, if you get yourself back up to Lobden.

*We regret to say that we cannot have dogs on the walk. We cannot differentiate between the well-trained and any others: it is the lambing season, and there are stiles: we have concerns about dogs as hazards, dogs en masse, and dogs as a nuisance to non-dog walkers.  And how much fun would 14 miles on a short lead be?  So, no dogs, and no exceptions.

*Although there is some car parking space at or near the Golf Club this will fill up quite rapidly if, as we hope, lots of people walk: if possible can you car-share up to Lobden; or get yourself dropped off/picked up later; or even walk up?  

Entry fee - £3 by handing in a from in person, £3.50 to enter and pay online up to Wednesday 8th. After this date, only entries in person will be accepted and they will cost £5 per person.  (£2, £2.50 and £4 for those booking Eastern Skyline only)

Any desperate queries phone Jo Furtado (853442) or David Chorlton (853234)… but not on the day, please.

As last year, Spodden Valley Revealed have come up with a lovely souvenir map (designed by Cath Ford) which will be available (free) on the day; and a professionally-produced audio commentary (also free), rewritten to match this year’s route, in which highlights from the valley’s rich heritage are linked to visual references in the landscape.  Wendy Meadley’s special flags will show where you can play a short numbered track from the audio as you walk along – it’s not a stop-and-listen guided tour.  Go to http://spoddenvalleyrevealed.wordpress.com/ for links and instructions on how to download it onto your mobile phone or audio device before you walk Skyline.  The audio will be ready to download from Monday May 6.  Any problems, please contact project manager Diana@midpenninearts.org.uk  Whatever you do, don’t ring Jo.  And remember to pick up your phone/headphones before you leave the house.

If you enter online, please complete the entry form (one for per participant) and email it to info@whitworth.gov.uk before Wednesday 8th May