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Many Town Council documents are now posted online, and are available either as Adobe PDF or Word Documents. Please click on your required document below. These can be printed for reference, but cannot be altered, and are published in accordance with Crown Copyright regulations.

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folder Annual Reports
Whitworth Town Council Audit of Accounts year end March 2018
Whitworth Town Council Audit of Accounts year ending March 2021
Unaudited Accounts year ending 31 March 2021
Whitworth Town Council audit of accounts year end Mar 17
Whitworth Town Council Audit of Accounts year end March 2020
Whitworth Town Council Audit of Accounts year end March 2019
folder Routes Around Rossendale walks leaflet
folder Scarecrow Festival
folder Statutory Documents
PCNET.Powers and Duties of Parish Councils.pdf
Whitworth Town Council Code of Conduct
PCNET.Model Publication Scheme.pdf
Whitworth Town Council Standing Orders
Whitworth Town Council Code of Conduct
Fruit Tree Planting Covid Safe Risk Assessment
Annual Investment Strategy for Whitworth Town Council 2020 to 2021
folder Walks in and around Whitworth
folder Whitworth Town Council Audit 2015 2016
folder Whitworth Valley News magazine
Whitworth Valley News Issue 46 September 2016.pdf
Whitworth Valley News - Issue 45, June 2016.pdf
Whitworth Valley News March 2016.pdf
Whitworth Valley News December 2015.pdf
Whitworth Valley News, issue 42 (Sept 2015).pdf
Whitworth Valley News issue 41.pdf
Whitworth Valley News issue 40.pdf
Whitworth Valley News issue 39.pdf
Whitworth Valley News issue 38.pdf
Whitworth Valley News issue 37.pdf
Whitworth Valley News issue 36.pdf
Whitworth Valley News issue 35.pdf
Whitworth Valley News issue 34.pdf
Whitworth Valley News issue 33.pdf
Whitworth Valley News issue 31.pdf
Whitworth Valley News issue 30.pdf
folder Whitworth Visitor Guide
Whitworth Visitor Guide, PDF scan.pdf
folder Winter Weather in Rossendale