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Many Town Council documents are now posted online, and are available either as Adobe PDF or Word Documents. Please click on your required document below. These can be printed for reference, but cannot be altered, and are published in accordance with Crown Copyright regulations.

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folder Annual Reports
Whitworth Town Council Audit of Accounts year end March 2018
ANNUAL REPORT 2015 - 16.pdf
Balance Sheet year ending 31 March 2016.pdf
Farrow Hoyle Statement of Account, yr ended 31.03.16.pdf
Income and expenditure 2015 - 16.pdf
precept leaflet, back copy.jpg
Farrow Hoyle Statement of Acc yr ended 31 03 14.pdf
Balance Sheet 2013-14.pdf
Income and Expenditure 2013-14.pdf
Annual Report 2012-2013.pdf
Annual Report 2012-2013 - Income and Expenditure.pdf
Annual Report 2012-2013 - Balance Sheet.pdf
Annual Report 2012-2013 - Precept Breakdown for 2013-2014.pdf
Annual Report 2012-2013 - Farrow Hoyle Charitable Trust, statement of account.pdf
Annual Report 2011-2012 - income and expenditure.pdf
Annual Report 2011-2012 - precept breakdown for 2012-2013.pdf
Annual Report 2011-2012 - balance sheet.pdf
Annual Report 2011-2012.pdf
Annual Report 2011-2012 - Farrow Hoyle Charitable Trust, statement of account.pdf
Notice of Conclusion of Audit for 2017/2018
Period for the exercise of public rights
2016-17 Annual Return Section One
Annual Return Section One
2016-17 Annual Return Section Two
Income and Expenditure Statement year ending 31 March 2017
Balance Sheet for year ending 31 March 2017
Whitworth Town Council audit of accounts year end Mar 17
Garden Competition Entry Form
Whitworth Town Council Audit of Accounts year end March 2019
Notice of Conclusion of Audit for 2018/2019
folder Routes Around Rossendale walks leaflet
Routes Around Rossendale leaflet.pdf
Scarecrow Festival 2016 - entry form and general info.doc
folder Scarecrow Festival
Scarecrow locations.pdf
Scarecrow Festival Trail map 2016.jpg
folder Statutory Documents
PCNET.Powers and Duties of Parish Councils.pdf
PCNET.Model Code of Conduct.pdf
PCNET.Model Publication Scheme.pdf
folder Walks in and around Whitworth
Whitworth Skyline Entry Form 2018
Whitworth Skyline 2018 Information About The Walk
7 - New Line Reservoir.pdf
10 - Healey Dell and Lower Fold.pdf
14 - Spodden Valley, Whitworth.pdf
47 - Whitworth North.pdf
50 - Britannia and Tong Lane.pdf
51 - Healey Dell Circular.pdf
61 - Station Road and Knacks Lane.pdf
65 - Prickshaw Circular.pdf
70 - Lobden and Watergrove.pdf
79 - Rushy Hill.pdf
81 - Watergrove Reservoir.pdf
folder Whitworth Town Council Audit 2015 2016
folder Whitworth Valley News magazine
Whitworth Valley News Issue 46 September 2016.pdf
Whitworth Valley News - Issue 45, June 2016.pdf
Whitworth Valley News March 2016.pdf
Whitworth Valley News December 2015.pdf
Whitworth Valley News, issue 42 (Sept 2015).pdf
Whitworth Valley News issue 41.pdf
Whitworth Valley News issue 40.pdf
Whitworth Valley News issue 39.pdf
Whitworth Valley News issue 38.pdf
Whitworth Valley News issue 37.pdf
Whitworth Valley News issue 36.pdf
Whitworth Valley News issue 35.pdf
Whitworth Valley News issue 34.pdf
Whitworth Valley News issue 33.pdf
Whitworth Valley News issue 31.pdf
Whitworth Valley News issue 30.pdf
folder Whitworth Visitor Guide
Whitworth Visitor Guide, PDF scan.pdf
folder Winter Weather in Rossendale
Winter Weather in Rossendale leaflet.pdf
Winter Briefing Note 2014-2015.pdf