Whitworth Town Council

Whitworth Town Council Launches New Community Toilet Scheme

Published on 7th March 2017

Public conveniences are getting harder to come by and Whitworth Town Council believe these are important facilities worth preserving.  The Town Council currently supports the public toilets at Healey Corner by paying for their opening and cleaning.  Over the last year, the council has been trying to find a way of developing the services in Whitworth and for April 2017 will be launching the Community Toilet Scheme.

Basically, local businesses’ register to open their toilet to the public in return for a £200 annual payment.  Whitworth Town Council would like the to work together with local businesses such as pubs, post offices and shops provide cleaner, safer and more accessible toilets for the public. Members of the public can use registered toilet facilities during the premises opening hours and without the need to make a purchase. Businesses have the right to refuse entry in exceptional circumstances.  Look out for the ‘Community Toilet Scheme’ window stickers in participating business’ from April 2017.

Contact Melanie Hearn, Town Clerk if you have a business and are interested in taking part in the scheme now or maybe in the future.  Please note that the grant will be awarded on a first come, first served basis to suitable premises in each area of the town. Should the allocation reach the full capacity in your area, your details will be put down on a waiting list to take part in the scheme in the future, subject to funding being available.



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