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Do you want to make a difference? Become a Town Councillor...

Published on 8th June 2018

Do you want to make a difference?  How to become a town councillor…
There are many reasons people become a councillor:
•    To make a difference in the community
•    To represent the views of local people
•    To pursue your political beliefs

To qualify to be a councillor there are three basic qualifications, you must be:
•    Over 18 years old
•    A British or Commonwealth citizen or a citizen of the Irish Republic or other European Union State.
•    Registered to vote in Whitworth or have lived, worked, or owned property here for at least 12 months prior to the election.

What does Whitworth Town Council do?
•    Employs a part-time Parish Lengthsman and full time Town Caretaker who, between them, keep the town as clean and tidy as possible;
•    Acts as a pressure group upholding the rights and values of the Township;
•    Acts as a sounding board for local opinion;
•    Acts as a centre for retaining and enforcing the Town's historical, cultural and social identity;
•    Inspects and comments on all planning applications and is consulted on new bye laws;
•    Actively encourages voluntary initiatives and works hard to encourage tourism and economic regeneration;
•    Nominates school governors and appoints trustees to local charities and representatives on such bodies as the Whitworth Sports Council, Police meetings and the Healey Dell Joint Management Committee.
•    Produces the Whitworth Valley News magazine;
•    Runs and supports many local initiatives such as the Community Toilet Scheme and sponsorship of a vehicle for the PCSO.

What is the councillors role?
•    The Council make most of their decisions at meetings which are open to the public, most of these happen on Thursday evenings and councillors are required to attend.
•    You can vary the amount of time the role takes up by choosing how many committees to sit on.
•    There is no salary for being a councillor however you are entitled to travel expenses if you attend meetings outside of Whitworth.

What support will I receive?
•    Councillors are supported by our Town Clerk.
•    All councillors will be provided with an induction pack and an initial induction training session which will help you fulfil your role as a councillor.

I would like to be a councillor, what should I do next?
•    Contact Melanie Hearn, Town Clerk 01706 852018 or use the contact us link.


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