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Published on 13th March 2019

Whitworth Town Council Elections - Thursday 2 May 2019


Elections are taking place on Thursday 2 May 2019 for Whitworth Town Council.  Six Councillors in each of the following wards are being elected:

Facit & Shawforth
Healey & Whitworth

Additionally, Rossendale Borough Council have local elections on the same day and one councillor will be elected for Facit & Shawforth and one for Healey & Whitworth wards.

As a councillor representing your community you will help keep it a great place to live and work.  You will be supported in your role and expected to undertake training. You should be comfortable working electronically, have a positive can-do attitude and be willing to work as part of a team.  The basic requirement is that you are able to attend meetings (usually every two weeks on a Thursday evening although there are no meetings in August).  This is an exciting role with the chance to make a real difference in Whitworth!!

How to stand as a candidate
The nomination period will be open from 9.00am on Wednesday 27 March 2019 and closes at 4.00pm on Wednesday 3 April 2019.

For more information about standing as a candidate or to obtain a nomination pack, please contact Electoral Services or the Town Clerk  Further information and nomination forms are also available from the Electoral Commission.

Register to vote
Registered voters will be sent a poll card between the end of March and early April.  If you have not received a poll card by 7 April 2019, or you have recently moved, you may not be registered to vote.  You can register to vote online or contact Electoral Services and request a paper copy of the form.  The deadline to register to vote at these elections is midnight on Friday 12 April 2019.

Who can vote?
To vote at these elections, you must be aged 18 or over on election day and be a British, Irish or Commonwealth citizen, or a citizen of another member state of the European Union.

Your name must appear on the Electoral Register before you can vote.

Voting by post
Voters who have already requested to vote by post will be sent a postal poll card around the end of March with information about their postal vote.  If you wish to cancel your postal vote and vote in person at your polling station, you must notify Electoral Services before 5pm on Monday 15 April 2019.

If you wish to apply to vote by post, you must send us your completed application before 5pm on Monday 15 April 2019.  Please contact Electoral Services to request an application form.

If you require a postal vote because you will be away on election day but are going away before they are posted around 18 April, you may wish to consider voting by proxy instead.  if you wish to vote by proxy, you must send us your completed application before 5pm on Wednesday 24 April 2019.  If you are already registered to vote by post, you must cancel your postal vote before 5pm on Monday 15 April 2019 if you now wish to vote by proxy.

When will I receive my postal vote?
Your postal vote will be sent around 18 April 2019 by first class mail.

If you have not received your postal vote by Friday 26 April 2019, please contact Electoral Services.

How do I complete my postal vote?
When you receive your postal vote, read the instructions carefully.  Your postal vote includes the ballot paper and a postal voting statement.  Complete both of these and return them straight away.  Completed postal votes need to be returned to the Returning Officer by 10pm on Thursday 2 May 2019.  If you miss the post you can hand your completed postal vote into any polling station in the Ward in which you are registered or at Futures Park in Bacup.

If you need help to vote, you can ask someone you know or get independent help by contacting Electoral Services.

If you lose your postal vote or make a mistake, contact Electoral Services straight away.  A replacement postal vote can only be issued between Friday 26 April and 5pm on Thursday 2 May 2019.

Voting by proxy
If you will be away or cannot go to the polling station on 2 May, you can apply to vote by proxy.  This means someone else can vote on your behalf.

Completed applications must reach us before 5pm on Wednesday 24 April 2019.  Your appointed proxy must attend your polling station to vote on your behalf.  If they are unable to attend your polling station they can apply to vote by postal proxy but they must do so before 5pm on Monday 15 April 2019.  Contact Electoral Services for an application form.

If after 5pm on Wednesday 24 April 2019 you have a medical emergency or learn you cannot go to the polling station because of work reasons, you can apply to vote by emergency proxy.  This means someone else can vote on your behalf.  The deadline for completed applications is 5pm on Thursday 2 May 2019.

How to vote
Always read the instructions on how to complete the ballot paper carefully, even if you have voted before.  The ballot paper lists the name of each candidate along with their party name and party logo (if any).

You are able to vote for one candidate at the Rossendale Borough Council election and up to six candidates at the Whitworth Town Council election.  Simply put an X (a cross) next to the candidate(s) you wish to vote for.

Who is elected?

The six candidates with the most votes are elected using the first past the post system for the Town Council election, a total of 12 Town Councillors will be elected to serve a 4 year term of office.

The count will take place on Friday 3 May 2019 at 9.30am.  Results will be announced throughout the day and will be published on this website.

More information
If you would like more information about these elections, please contact Electoral Services or the Town Clerk at Whitworth Town Council.


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